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 Astorino is at the forefront of where people and design intersect. A full-service architectural and engineering firm, Astorino deploys a discovery, design, and build strategy, combining unprecedented human-centered research, design and construction services into one seamless process. Each service inspires the other, creating a final product that meets the deepest needs of people who live, heal, work and play in these environments.

A mixture of classic architectural design and cutting-edge technology, Astorino’s high-end residential projects are beautiful both inside and out. While our architects and engineers design these homes to have well planned spaces, smooth and subtle mechanical and electrical systems, and breath-taking curb appeal, our interior designers make the house a home. This combination of old and new, interior and exterior, are what give Astorino homes their extra touch of grace and beauty.

Throughout the entire design process, we will welcome you as an integral part of our design team. Through one-on-one discussions we get to know you, your lifestyle, your tastes and your aspirations for your residence. We then design the home with you in mind, enmeshing your needs, your desires, and your individuality into the architecture of your home. This personal attention is what enables you to step into your new residence and know right away that this house truly is your home.

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