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  Webber + Studio, Inc.  
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  Austin, TX, 78701  
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 Regional, Functional, Expressive, Minimal. 

Drawing from environmental cues, programmatic needs, and building technology, our hand serves primarily as the conduit for functionally-expressive and regionally-minimal responses, the results of which, produce innovative buildings and spaces that formally and spatially interconnect site and structure. 


With a deep interest in the honest expression of site, program and construction, we have become inspired by some of America’s great vernacular traditions, both glamorous and unglamorous. From the functionalism found in prefabricated metal buildings and industrial structures, to the utopian expressiveness sought in suburban development to the most intellectual high modernism found in North American minimalism, our work is influenced by the artistry we see in the many grand and mundane approaches to building and their varying roles in defining PLACE. Less concerned with style as much as function and context, we treat each project as an experiment in marrying our client’s objectives with the characteristics of their program and site to achieve the uniqueness that is the hallmark of our work.


Since 1997, Webber + Studio, located in Austin, Texas has brought this sensibility to all of their projects whether residential, commercial, or institutional. We pursue projects of varying type, scale and use in an effort to constantly hone our skills and philosophy so that we may always bring the highest level of quality and value to each of our endeavors.


The Studio’s work has been showcased on many Home Tours.  In addition, David Webber’s architectural vision has been highlighted in numerous print and broadcast media. The firm received the CITATION OF HONOR AWARD from the AIA Austin Design Awards for the Impluvium House in Schulenburg, Texas. 

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